Global Forest Decimal Classification Database

“GFDC is a tool for organising and retrieving electronic and paper ”
The classification dates from 1903, and was updated in a full bilingual English/German printed edition published in 2006. The next steps are to prepare French and Spanish translations in time for the next IUFRO Congress in 2010, and to license the electronic version of the classification.


To have a copies of the updated French and Spanish classification available for sale at the International Union of Forest Research Organizations Congress in 2010.
To accomplish the translation and continue the update, the web-based database will be accessed by an international team of information professionals. An editorial board will then make final decisions.


We accept suggestions for new and revised numbers. Please use this website or send suggestions by mail or email to Barbara Holder ( or c/o fpinnovations.canada Corp., 2665 East Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1W5.
The UDC Consortium has a similar classification database, which we will consider in our planning ( [GFDC is affiliated with UDC, following the same faceted decimal structure, and using the same auxiliaries of form and place.] UDC provides expansion of GFDC in non-forestry subjects. GFDC can be used with UDC to more finely define forestry subjects.