December 2003 Update

The directory database has been moved to a new host over the fall.  Andornot Consulting Inc. of Vancouver, BC, Canada has graciously agreed to provide a home for the Directory at no cost to IUFRO. We thank them for their generosity and for Inmagic, Inc. for allowing them to provide the software to us.

In addition to a new look and clearer pages, several new features are now available:

  • report formats are updated
  • members can update their own records through a secure password
  • records are input automatically after review by the administrator
  • the administrator can access the files via the web.
  • Some additional work remains to be done, better help screens and more explicit directions, and, eventually, multiple language registration pages. Please send suggestions for further improvements to

  • Please take a look at the updated Directory. If you have not yet registered, please do. Those of you who have registered in the past will receive a password to access your record. As of December 2003, we have over 130 registrations in the Directory.

    November 2002 Update

    Nearly 90 records have been added to the Directory database to date. Registrations represent 30 countries from all regions of the world. Thank-you to those who have registered. We urge others to send in their registrations as well.

    Directory History

    The preliminary work for the directory database and input forms, using Inmagic software on a Windows platform was completed by Barbara Holder at FPInnovations in Vancouver, Canada with the aid of an intern, Brenda Stull of Langara College. Carol Green completed the html coding and revised the basic report formats. The database is now being hosted by the University of Washington Libraries. Currently, the registration form sends an e-mail message to Carol Green at the Forest Resources Library and the data are input manually. Eventually we hope to use a batch import function. The Directory was formally launced at the IUFRO European Regional Conference in Copenhagen in August 2002.

    We would be delighted to hear from you if you are involved in forest related information work. Fill out the registration form for the directory at From this form you can link to the query forms. Use the 'Message to Adminstrator' box to tell us your evaluation of the directory forms and how we might improve them.

    Please help us by telling us of other information centres you use or know of in your region and by spreading the news about the directory. We are also interested in finding individuals who are willing to be regional coordinators for the directory as it expands. Please contact Carol Green if you are interested.

    One of the goals of GFIS is to identify local information resources which are not readily available and help make them so. The directory will be an essential tool in helping locate those who are already collecting such information and assisting to co-ordinate their efforts.

    Please contact:

    Carol Green
    Forest Resources Library
    University of Washington
    Box 352112
    SEATTLE, WA 98195-2112
    telephone: +1 206-543-2758
    fax: +1 206-543-8375


    Roger Mills
    Oxford Forest Information Service
    Oxford University Library Services
    South Parks Road
    telephone: +44 1865 275080
    fax: +44 1865 275095

    Original Directory Proposal

    The most recent directory of forestry and forest products libraries was published in 1987. (Evans, Peter A.; Arizmendi, Mark A. International Directory of Forestry and Forest Products Libraries. General Technical Report PSW-97. Berkeley, CA. Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; 1987. 106 p. ) Many changes have occurred over the past fifteen years: staff have changed, libraries have closed, and technology has greatly expanded our ability to communicate. Many forest related collections are part of larger collections with a broader focus and those individuals with collection and service responsibilities have more general titles. Identifying those people and institutions engaged in the tasks of accessing and providing forest information resources for their organizations has become even more difficult.

    Consequently, IUFRO Unit 6.03 is developing a web-based directory to be housed on the IUFRO server. Until such time as IUFRO has sufficient capacity to host the database, an interim host will provide the service.

    Such a directory can serve several uses.

    To facilitate contacts and networks between information centers, and specialists both internationally and regionally for information and document exchange.
    To help identify forest information collections within broader subject collections and institutions.
    To provide IUFRO with a mailing list of potential participants for specialized meetings and announcements.
    To provide the GFIS project with a list of information specialists and professionals who can provide an interface between the GFIS nodes and users.
    To provide a means for connecting the holders of forest information resources with those who are seeking information.

    The Directory will include :

  • A web-based interactive input form. If an interactive form is not technically possible for immediate development, we will provide an input template in ASCII delimited format for recording records that can be imported into the database.
  • A database of searchable records using Inmagic software.
  • A separate IUFRO web page to link the input form and the search interface.
  • Registration by regional coordinators or individual entry. Instructions for entry and a template for ASCII formating of records will be linked to the web page. Eventually, these instruction pages will be translated into all IUFRO official languages.

    Project Team

    Coordinator: Carol Green
    Provides general direction for the project, working with IUFRO Secretariat staff and project team to develop the directory and the web pages.

    Database developer: Brenda Stull of Langara College, intern at FPInnovations, Vancouver, Canada under the direction of Barbara Holder
    Develops the database and to be used for holding the directory records as well as input, query and report forms.

    Record editor: Carol Green
    Receives the entries, checks data, revises entries as necessary and imports them into the database.

    Regional coordinators:
    Promote registration among regional contacts and institutions; submit formatted registrations as needed.

    The following individuals have agreed to serve as regional coordinators. Additional regional coordinators are needed. Please send the names of possible candidates to Carol Green,

    Margaret Sraku-Lartey, FORIG
    PO. Box/B.P. UP 63, UST, Kumasi , Ghana
    Tel: +233 51 600 737; +233 5160123
    Fax: 233 5160121


    Ailsa George
    Inter-Library Loans Officer
    CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products
    P O Box E4008
    Kingston, A.C.T. 2604
    Phone: +61 2 6281 8356
    Fax: +61 2 6281 8399

    Dr Y S Parmar, Deputy Librarian
    University of Horticulture and Forestry,
    Solan (H.P.)- 173 230 Nauni, India
    Fax: +91-1792-52242

    North America:
    Bonnie Avery
    Oregon State University Libraries
    121 The Valley Library
    Corvallis, OR, USA
    Phone: 1-541-737-7602
    Email :

    Western Europe:

    Eastern Europe:
    Malgorzata KOSINSKA,
    Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Dendrology.
    Email :